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Posted on September 11th, 2019

I am happy to announce the NEW TNGIC GIS Job Submission Application and Map is now live!

The new application began as an idea submitted to the TNGIC Board of Directors (BOD) as an improvement opportunity over the previous method for submitting jobs. The BOD decided to pursue developing a more consistent approach to providing geospatial job data to the membership using an ESRI Web App to display the jobs and Survey123 to collect the jobs.

The collaborative testing support by the TNGIC BOD was inspired by the detailed execution work of Board Members Michael Camponovo and Matt Lane. These combined efforts brought this application idea to reality.

With this new application in place, anyone can submit jobs through the TNGIC website. New job submissions must be approved by a TNGIC BOD member before they become visible. Additionally, the application also uses Arcade to only display jobs <= 30 days old and requires Captcha for an added level of security.

I am thankful for the talented Board of Directors members and their willingness to lend their skills to these great improvements for TNGIC members! Kudos to the BOD and especially Michael and Matt!

Check out the new application here >>

David S. Light, GISP
TNGIC President

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