Meat & Potatoes (Public Blog)

Hello TNGIC!

Thank you for being a part of and supporting TNGIC, a group of professionals and students who love geography and GIS, promote the sharing of data and ideas, and support each other and the next generation of geospatial professionals. Our annual conference was two weeks ago, and it was a great success! We learned about:

the COVID-19 dashboard, USGS topography and hydrography updates, economic impact of trees, 3D digital twins, drone data collection, related tables, MEGA-BITES, utility networks, Field Maps, coastal landscape degradation, 3D buildings, 3D printing, TN State parks, dual enrollment, the national spatial reference system, and our new website and member forum.

We heard two incredible keynotes from Ensheng Dong and Sue Buto, were supported by 25 sponsors who contributed 24 door prizes, and even had a special welcome message from Jack Dangermond. On behalf of the TNGIC Board, thanks to our presenters, sponsors, and participants!

TNGIC now has over 300 members and nearly 200 of those members attended last week’s conference. Attendees were from 15 states and 35 counties in Tennessee. Those 35 counties represent 37% of the total counties throughout our state. It would be thrilling if at our fall regional forums and the 2022 annual conference we could have 100% participation from every county in the state. Please follow these links to the conference recordings (sign-in required) and a post-conference survey. We want your suggestions as to how we can improve the conference and continue to meet the needs of the TNGIC community.

On the last day of our conference, I encouraged each of us to Cultivate, Collaborate, and Contribute. TNGIC will continue cultivating your professional growth through our regional and annual conferences, training opportunities, webinars, and volunteer opportunities. I encourage you to use the member forum at to cultivate your relationships with other members and our corporate sponsors.

Collaborate with your colleagues by sharing your challenges, successes, and questions. Based on my experience, your TNGIC community will listen to you, share their experiences with you, and offer suggestions and resources to help. Also, collaborate with our corporate sponsors to find opportunities where they can provide needed products and services to your organization.

Throughout the past 20 years I have been inspired by the contributions of so many of our members. You may not have the nicknaming skills of Sam Moffat, or the emcee skills of Paul Dudley and Sunny Fleming, or the entertainment skills of Cliff Hoeffner but, you have something to contribute to TNGIC. If you are willing to contribute, we will find a way for you to serve the TNGIC community. Contributions from TNGIC will include cooperative efforts with MAGIC to increase the participation of our colleagues in the west region, increased support of the dual enrollment efforts led by the Tennessee Geographic Alliance, and the exploration of cooperative efforts with the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA). We are looking forward to working with each of you to make 2021/2022 a great year for TNGIC!

If you are not a member please join us and take advantage of all the great benefits TNGIC has to offer.

Kevin Bingham - TNGIC President