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These committees are the back-bone of TNGIC and are responsible for all TNGIC activities including training classes and workshops, the annual conference, and maintaining the TNGIC website.

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The Conference Planning Committee organizes, plans, and facilitates the TNGIC Annual GIS Conference. This committee handles all of the details and decisions that are required to make this a successful event for TNGIC members.

The Web & Data Committee strives to maintain an updated web presence, manage membership coordination, improve communication throughout TNGIC and facilitate data sharing throughout the geospatial community. This group is in charge of producing and disseminating information, such as facilitating communication to membership on upcoming events, connecting them with GIS employment opportunities, managing memberships, centralizing and sharing GIS data, and maintaining website content.

The Education Committee strives to foster educational opportunities and promote awareness of TNGIC throughout the geospatial community. These opportunities include creating training classes and workshops, supporting TNGIC regional meetings, student outreach, and GIS day activities.

The Professional Development Committee promotes professional development and fosters educational opportunities and excellence for the TNGIC membership and the geospatial community. These opportunities may include conference, paper presentation and poster contest announcements, outreach and mentoring, scholarships to the TNGIC Annual Conference, training coordination, student involvement, and communication with GIS academia in Tennessee. Active members may earn a certificate of participation, at the discretion of the chair, which may be used toward GISP certification.

The Outreach & Communication Committee promotes and targets TNGIC to other organizations and uses social media for communication to the membership and other interested agencies.

The Disaster Response Page  provides a database of GIS professionals across Tennessee to aid in the event of a disaster or emergency.  A secure survey is used to collect individual’s contact information.  The database is managed by the TNGIC Board.  This database is beneficial to emergency responders at various levels by providing an efficient source of locating GIS assistance and resources.