GIS 101

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a technology that involves the capture, storage, analysis, and presentation of geographic data. GIS allows us to understand, interpret, and visualize data in relation to its location.    

Below you will find a series of links that allow you to learn a bit more about GIS.  For more in-depth learning check out go back to our general Learning page


GIS software is used to input, analyze, and visualize geographic data. To take full advantage of the GIS resources, you may have to learn a little GIS!

 What can be done with GIS?  Take a look at this ESRI Industries page

The resources below are broken into software specific sections. 

ESRI - ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, Geocoding

ArcGIS Pro

A desktop mapping software that has many tools, analysis/visualization capabilities, and database management.  

ArcGIS - Youtube

ArcGIS videos provide insight into Esri GIS software, with demos, technical sessions, case studies & more.
One-minute Map Hacks

Videos in a minute to show how to make maps work for you.  Quick hacks to get what you want out of your map.

Maps We Love

Inspiration from ESRI projects in one place.

ArcGIS Pro Resources 

ESRI training 

ArcGIS Pro Quick-start Tutorials

ESRI training (short)

Introduction to Cartography: An ArcGIS Tutorial Series

Map-making, step by step with ArcGIS Pro

How to Make Smart Color Choices in Your Maps

ArcGIS Projections: “Define Projection” and “Project”
GIS Geography

ArcGIS Online (AGOL)

ArcGIS Online is ESRI's web mapping platform.  Makes it easy to share data, maps, and develop map viewers, dashboards, and applications. 

ArcGIS Online Quick Lessons

Learn ArcGIS Online Lesson Gallery

Build a Heat Index Map in 5-minutes (ArcGIS Online)

A Complete First Course in Modern Web-based GIS
Joseph Kerski

Smart Mapping Styles in the New Map Viewer

Add layers to maps in ArcGIS Online

Add Census Data to Any Map with the Living Atlas


Storymaps is a tool within ArcGIS Online to help share a story with support from maps.

The Anatomy of a Story

How to add GPS data to ArcGIS Online web maps

Learn ArcGIS StoryMaps Lesson Gallery

Nine steps to great storytelling

StoryMaps 101

ArcGIS StoryMaps Resources

Add flavor to your stories with theme builder

How to Properly Find and Use Images in Your Stories


Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates, which you can use to place on a map. Example: spreadsheet of addresses ➡ geocoding process ➡ map data

Geocoding Addresses With Sheets, Excel, Awesome Table and ArcMap
Steve Graves

Efficient Geocoding with ArcGIS Pro

Optimize Online Geocoding

How to Add XY Coordinates to a File in ArcGIS
GIS Lounge

How to Geocode addresses using QGIS
GIS Lounge

How to do Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding for Free


QGIS is a free and open source software for geospatial (FOSS4G).  It is a desktop mapping application with many tools, analysis/visualization capabilities, and database management.  

QGIS for Beginners
Open Source Options

QGIS Tutorial: How To Use QGIS 3

How to Make a Map in QGIS With Just 13 Mouse Clicks

An Introduction to QGIS
Michael Treglia

QGIS Tutorials and Tips
Ujaval Gandhi

Klas Karlsson - Youtube
Klas Karlsson

QGIS Uncovered - Youtube
Steven Bernard

QGIS Tutorial
At These Coordinates

Geodose QGIS Tutorials




Python is a programming language that can be used by itself and in conjunction with both ESRI and QGIS.  Python gives users access to data analysis packages and can be used to automate tasks.

Python Programming #1 – Getting Started with Python!

PYTHON BASICS (What I Would Learn First)
Internet Made Coder

Your First Project in PyCharm | Beginners Tutorials
PyCharm by JetBrains