Board and Business

2024 Officers
  • President: Chris Pape
  • Past-President: Paul Dudley
  • Vice President: Shawn Anderson
  • Secretary: Natalie Robbins
  • Treasurer: Stacy Curry-Johnson

  • Samantha Allen
  • Chad Howard
  • Randal Hale
  • Brian Ham
  • Danielle McClanahan
  • Sarah Sweat
  • Blake Sartin
Past Board Members

  • Web & Data
    • Chair - Brian Ham
    • Vice Chair - Chad Howard
  • Education
    • Chair - Natalie Robbins
    • Vice Chair - Stacy Curry-Johnson
  • Conference Planning
    • Chair - Mike Camponovo
    • Vice Chair - Shawn Anderson
  • Professional Development
    • Chair -  Jeff Kirchberg
    • Vice Chair - Blake Sartin
  • Outreach & Communication
    • Chair -  Danielle (Dami) McClanahan
    • Vice Chair - Paul Dudley

Regional Forums
  • East  – Mark Crow and Mike Camponovo
  • Middle – Natalie Robbins and Paul Dudley
  • West  – Shawn Anderson and Chad Howard
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Business Needs
On occasion an organization, university, or private business may need the TNGIC W-9 to set up TNGIC as a vendor for their internal finance and payment system.  You can download that document here: TNGIC W9 (2015)

Legal Documents
TNGIC has implemented a requirement for participants at TNGIC events to accept terms of the RELEASE OF LIABILITY, ASSUMPTION OF RISK, AND CONSENT and the TNGIC Code of Conduct. Links to these documents will be made available on the electronic registration applications. Non-electronic registrations (Walk-ins) and minors (under age 18) will be required to complete a signed version of the release agreement.
You can review and download the documents here: