2023 TNGIC Conference Training

April 11 (Tuesday 8AM-5PM)

Free and low cost training available!

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Ballroom C

ESRI Arcade across the ArcGIS Platform (8AM-12PM) Cost $0.00 - Teacher: Mike Sweeney
This session will cover the ArcGIS Arcade expression language. Learn how to use Arcade for simple functions like configuring popups, labeling and symbology for ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS field apps. In addition, learn about advanced capabilities of Arcade for data engineering, analysis and use in ArcGIS Dashboards and APIs. This course is intended for all ArcGIS users, and we will establish a foundation in Arcade before moving onto more advanced use cases of Arcade.
ESRI Data Mining for use in ArcGIS (1PM-5PM) Cost $0.00 -  Teacher: Mike Sweeney
Learn what kinds of data can be used with ArcGIS. From the standard ArcGIS data formats (e.g., shapefiles, geodatabases, etc.) to external data sources like RDBMS, XML, JSON and more. We will cover how to find data, what data can be accessed directly from ArcGIS and what data sources need to be accessed through an extension or conversion. We will also discuss how to keep this data up to date. This course is intended for all ArcGIS users.

Mike Sweeney is a Solutions Engineer with ESRI. 

Ballroom D

Mobile Data Collection with QGIS and Mergin Maps (1PM-5PM) Cost $50.00 - Teacher: Randy Hale
QGIS is an open-source GIS Desktop. Mergin Maps is a mobile data collection software that has a plugin to QGIS. You can almost think of it as a mobile QGIS client for your phone. In this workshop we will get a brief introduction to QGIS and Mergin Maps. We will also go out and collect data (hopefully) and sync it back to your QGIS Project. Students will need the following for the class: QGIS, Mergin Maps Login (free), and an IOS or Android Cell Phone.
Randal Hale is the owner of North River Geographic Systems and resident Tennessee QGIS guru. 

Ballroom E

Strategic Planning (8AM-12PM) Cost $0.00 - Teacher: Tim Poe
People make all kinds of plans, rarely are they strategic. As a result, most strategies are not. Quite often people are so intimidated by the word strategy they borrow heavily from other orgs that they aspire to be (but are not.) Thus, the strategies just cannot be tactically executed effectively because they do not fit. This half day session focuses on the methodology, tools, and layers of strategic planning for the users to be able to create their own strategy that fits them and their organization.
Selling Yourself (1PM-5PM) Cost $0.00 - Teacher: Tim Poe
Most people in technical fields that have gone into technical fields did not do so to sell things, but to do things. The hard truth is though if you can't sell your ideas, you simply will not get to do the projects you want to do. Selling your ideas is really selling yourself. This half day session focuses on selling yourself so that adoption of your ideas increases.
Tim Poe is a Senior Account Manager with ESRI. 
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